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The Ames Floating Pump System is the most efficient and reliable pump station on the market. Each FPS is designed according to your specific requirements and custom built for you. The FPS is self-priming, making it the natural choice for use with computer aided irrigation systems. This means no more wondering whether your centrifugal pump will hold prime. With an Ames Floating Pump System, you can rest assured it's primed and pumpin'.
Portability Features
Portability is a very important part of the FPS. The hydraulically operated wheel assembly locks down for transport and retracts above the water line while floating giving you more flexibility in choosing a pump site.

The FPS comes with a tow hitch and adjustable stabilizing legs. The hitch provides a convenient method of moving the FPS.
Axle Lift Assembly
The hydraulic axle lift assembly provides a simple means of lifting the tires out of the water. Lifting the tires helps to protect the axle bearing assembly during use. The hydraulic lines run under the walkway deck of the floater to the hitch where convenient hydraulic couplers are located to provide power for the cylinder through any standard hydraulic pump.
Hitch and Jack Assembly
The FPS comes with a tow hitch and adjustable stabilizing legs. This hitch provides a convenient method of moving the FPS.
Self-Leveling Floats
The self-leveling fiberglass floats automatically adjust to varying water levels. This assures a constant intake depth and maintains the suction in the cleanest part of the water source. It also ensures the pump’s impeller remains submerged for self priming.

Self-leveling floats are available in several sizes and shapes to accommodate your unique requirements. FPS floats are constructed of reinforced fiberglass or steel. Each float has three individual cells with an easy access inspection port.
Self-Cleaning Screens
An optional self-cleaning screen is available for use in applications that require debris filtering. The self-cleaning screens prevent clogging, protect against lost suction or water flow, and reduce pump-wear.
Connection Coupler
The optional ball and socket coupler makes installation of your FPS much simpler. It allows up to 20° of angle between the FPS and the connection point.
Use the FPS for all your water moving needs:
  • Irrigation
  • Waste water
  • Municipal
  • Golf Courses
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
For use in:
  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Lagoons
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